Professional engineers of the «NAVIGATOR» Company develop and implement specialized IT solutions for clients and are responsible for support the realizing projects.
Servers sale

More than 20 years we are engaged in delivery, development and installation for the companies of various business branches of professional computer systems and the equipment of server rooms. Today we can offer complex solutions of server systems for business of any scale.

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Project decision

«NAVIGATOR» provides comprehensive system integration services, starting from pre-design analysis of the automation object to design, development, implementation, maintenance and support.

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Information security

"Security from NAVIGATOR" is a line of integrated information security products, as well as video surveillance and video Analytics. It is a modern intelligent solutions from the world leaders.

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Data/Cloud Servers

The growing demand for computing and saving data leads to the growth of entire server farms. The data center can consist of hundreds of thousands of servers and consume energy as a small city.

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"START" Business Center, 2nd floor.
Orientation: "Pushkin" metro station
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