Professional engineers of the «NAVIGATOR» Company develop and implement specialized IT solutions for clients and are responsible for support the realizing projects.

Information Security

"Security from NAVIGATOR" is a line of integrated information security products, as well as video surveillance and video Analytics. It is a modern intelligent solutions from the world leaders.

Application of such integrated software solutions enables:

  • to meet the challenges of the field of Information Security and Video Analytics to the greatest possible extent.
  • to provide preventive and predictable protection against any Cybercrimes and minimize the consequences for the customers.
  • Enhance the information system of the customer’s enterprise (either small or medium-sized business) to a professional level of comprehensive protection that meets world standards.

What is the aim of our security solutions?

Having experience in implementing IT systems, we observe the absence but not the priority of protection of these systems (servers, PCs), protection of data, personal information and other intangible assets. We have found that the main reasons for this are low level of knowledge in the field of protection of intangible assets, imperception of their value, savings on costs for highly specialized specialists and "possible consequences" after the incident. In most cases, IT systems simply report on the incident, and the enterprise loses its assets, and all it is left with is tarnished reputation without any moral or material compensation.

What do we offer?

  • Minimal capital expenses or their full absence when implementing our solutions;
  • Provision of security services for monthly or annual subscription;
  • Security of virtual and hybrid environment;
  • Management of vulnerabilities of IT-infrastructure (both software and hardware);
  • Protection of web-apps and websites from hacking and unauthorized modification of web-recourses;
  • DDoS Protection;
  • Full protection of computers, servers and mobile devices from viruses, phishing, ransomware, etc;
  • Management and security of corporate mobile devices;
  • Technical protection of resources and premises (premises research for the purpose of finding the implants, bug, protection of premises on the regular basis or during confidential negotiations).

Our solutions on protection of your information systems are directed to achievement of principal information security goals – regular availability of IT-recourses, confidential access to them and safekeeping of integrity of saving data.

All projects that are related with supply of the equipment for modernizationof a data protection system require a qualified pre-sales training, development of statement of works and preliminary assessment of our professionals. These solutions are not sold as box versions because they include a lot of technical special features, service and extended warranties and accompaniments of a project, programme requirements, general integration of existing infrastructure, etc. That is why our experience in implemented projects, preparation of qualification requirements is unique and will allow a quick return on investment in Your business.

To get additional information with regard to Information Security, contact the experts of the Security Departament of the "NAVIGATOR" Company: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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